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The Dough Chef

Having "pasta hands" since childhood, was the most beautiful feeling that he has ever experienced.

Always been a pizza lover, he kept looking for his own style.

After years of testing, mixing, rethinking, came success. 

"If you leave the place with the memory of what you ate,
I have already won because it is as if I had signed your palate. "

Gianluca Vella

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The turning point of Fermento 1889. The place expands and renews itself with a different image but which now dresses up to measure what is the soul of Fermento and Gianluca. A complete place for dinner and after-dinner aperitifs. Fermentino is also born where Fermento once lived, the place dedicated to Take Away for those who want to bring the flavors of Fermento with them or do not want to engage in a seated dinner at the restaurant.

Convening by the VPN (True Neapolitan Pizza Association) for the pizza Olympics, where he wins first place with his colleagues in the Pizza Gourmet category.

On 14 April 2017 Fermento 1889 was born, located in Borgo San Frediano in the beating heart of the center of Florence.

A small 19sqm venue with unique potential and magic.

Gianluca Vella began his career as a Chef at home and as a host and chef for his Home Restaurant, where he reached the record of 9000 seats in a year and the waiting list for dining with him reached months' notice.

Alongside Fermento 1889, Fermentino is also born:  il Pizza Bar of the Dough dedicated to Take Away, for those who want to taste Gianluca Vella's pizza in a more informal mood.

Today - The turning point of Fermento 1889. The place expands and renews itself.

Texture Fermento Red.png

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